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  • Week 25 – Time For Takeoff

    Week 25 – Time For Takeoff
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    While out in the yard looking for any interesting insects or flowers, I ended up trying to photograph birds with my 100L. This image had to be cropped to get a more close up view which I was happy with. I love the way the birds wings spread right before takeoff. Flickr | 500px |… Read more

  • Week 24 – Turn Back Time

    Week 24 – Turn Back Time
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    If we could only go back in time with what we know now. With the way my past year has gone, I think I would have done many things different. Read more

  • Push Forward

    Push Forward

      Here is the second part to my portrait shoot from the weekend. These are all taken outside my friends house using natural light only. They council were doing some bush fire burning so the sky was filled with a heavy smoke cloud. Surprisingly it gave the light a very warm feel to it which… Read more

  • Flexing


    This is the first from my fitness orientated portrait shoot I did on the weekend. I’ve just started to take portraits more seriously and I am very happy with the results. It may not look like it, but these were taken in my friends living room. I had a black backdrop clamped and held up… Read more

  • 3DS


    My favorite handheld console. At first I got it just for Pokemon, but all the first party titles are just too hard to resist. Read more

  • Control Your Entertainment

    Control Your Entertainment

    Since I just got my PS4 I couldn’t resist doing a shot of the controller. Read more

  • Heading Towards The Bokeh

    Heading Towards The Bokeh

    It may not be a bokeh monster like the 135L, but the 100L can still produce some nice background blur. Read more

  • Danbo’s All Wrapped Up

    Danbo’s All Wrapped Up
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    While wrapping some last minute presents, Danbo got in the way and ended up getting wrapped too! Read more

  • The Tokens

    The Tokens

    The tokens from my Pokemon Monopoly Read more