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  • Red Arches

    This is the Chinatown in Perth which is very old and overdue for a renovation. This was actually taken months ago but I had forgotten to upload it with its original set.

  • Week 22 – Favorite Weather

    It has been a quiet week for me photography wise. My time is still being dedicated to The Witcher 3 among other things. My time limit was almost up for my week 22 submission so I went out this morning to capture this.

  • Week 21 – Wild Hunt

    Thanks to this game I’ve had almost no interest in touching my camera for the past week. Aside from photography, my other true love is gaming. I played The Witcher 2 which I quite enjoyed, more so for the story than the gameplay although the Witcher 3 is a great improvement in nearly every way. The world, monsters and characters look absolutely amazing and combat is much more fun for…

  • Mends Street Sunset

    While waiting for our pizza to be finished cooking, I was walking around seeing that what caught my eye. It was just before sunset and the sky had a great color to it so I managed to capture this shot. I was considering bracketing this shot but ended up just doing one single shot, underexposing the shadows by two stops. Surprisingly, when I pulled the shadows in post they retained…

  • Week 19 – World Class Chocolate

    My girlfriend and I won a years free ice cream a few months back thanks to Baskin Robbins. We get a free medium sized tub each week, although it usually only lasts a few days… World Class Chocolate is a really great flavor but not my favorite, that would be reserved for Love Potion #31. Since ice cream is a weekly thing for me, I figured this image would fit well…

  • Week 18 – PS4

    I’m somewhat more of a console guy (mainly because it’s cheaper in the long run) and this is my weapon of choice. We’ve had some great rainy weather recently so I tried to see what I could come up with without going out into the rain!  

  • Week 17 – A Journey Begins

    This is my girlfriends sister with her very first SLR. She’s been interested in Photography for quite some time now and decided to take the plunge and get herself a second hand Pentax SLR. I shot film back in high school so was interesting to hold an SLR again (high school was a long time ago for me now). What amazed me about the film lenses is their size and…

  • World’s Finest Coffees

    A takeaway cup from my favorite cafe, Dome.

  • Navman: Danbo Edition

    Who needs a real GPS when you have Danbo to direct you around!