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  • Playtime In The Park

    Here’s some photos from my playtime in the park. I haven’t actually used my 6D since getting back from Hong Kong which was one month ago. I have been a bit busy with my games I got for my birthday so haven’t had as much interesting in shooting, I also still got a lot to edit from HK. I really enjoyed shooting these and although it felt like I was…

  • Week 28 – Learning

    As I mentioned a while back, I’ve been trying to improve my color grading. I had developed a routine when editing my images which seemed to work, but I felt it just wasn’t quite right. I made a few changes and now I feel my consistency will be much better when doing these kind of tones.

  • Take A Seat

    So who doesn’t love a bench shot? Very typical I know but I love this park and I feel like it has nice scenery. It’s Hyde Park in Perth, many cities seems to have a Hyde Park and every one I have visited is so nice.