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  • Swarovski Love

    Swarovski Love

    This  is another image I shot using the Plexiglass and natural light. It had the same setup as my RGB photo except it was shot from a slight higher angle. I got this necklace for my girlfriend a while ago as a present (maybe birthday, I get her quite a lot of presents) so my… Read more

  • Spring Valley Bokeh

    Spring Valley Bokeh

    Some great window light illuminating my half empty juice with some beautiful bokeh in the background! Read more

  • Week 36 – My Note 5

    Week 36 – My Note 5
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    I got my Note 5 last week and so far I’m really loving it. The display is amazing and I’ve been using the camera on this more that I did when I first got my iPhone 4s/5s. The one feature I’m really missing from my iPhone is iMessage. I’m able to get the same features… Read more