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  • Rain, Animals and More Rain

    I’d like to start this post by saying sorry if you weren’t able to access this site or TPE over the weekend. My hosting was about to expire so I made the switch over to Dreamhost. It wasn’t without it’s issues but we got there in the end and I’m much happier with them over my previous host (Bluehost). We have also been having a lot of rain here which…

  • Circular Quay Long Exposure

    Here is a long exposure done during sunset at Circular Quay. This was taken at the same spot I shot in a few weeks ago, on the freeway footpath. It was also my first time meeting Tony in person.

  • Circular Walk

    Circular Quay is one of my favorite places in Sydney but I rarely go there for some reason. Last weekend I made sure to go for a walk and I’m glad I did 😀

  • Weekend Happenings

    This weekend I went to Watson’s Bay by ferry which is the first time I’ve visited that location. Even though the breeeze was quite cool, it was very sunny which led to a long hot walk when we finally got there. There was some bushfire burnings again this weekend so there was a smokey mist to the air. Being that I’m asthmatic, I was very glad there was no smoke…

  • Vivid Sydney

    Here are some images from Vivid Sydney. I took all of these at quite high ISO's (I think all ISO 3200 and higher) so some don't have as much detail as they could have if I used a tripod.
  • That Moment

    I decided to go check out Vivid Sydney last weekend and this is probably my favorite image. This couple gave each other a hug just as I took the photo and it made for a really great candid image.

  • Hello Sydney

    After MANY years of waiting, I have finally made the move to Sydney. I got here just over 2 weeks ago now and have really been enjoying the new environment.