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  • Set Sail

    While walking around the shops with my girlfriend I seen this model ship. It is really nice and something I would love to buy. The quality of it is really high so I’m guessing that the price would be too. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur as this is posted so I’m looking forward to sharing all my photos once I’m back 😀

  • Week 47 – Snow Globe

    This is a snow globe my girlfriend got on one of her many travels around the world. Sadly I had an exam this week so didn’t have the time to go out and shoot what I had in mind 🙁

  • Week 46 – Head In The Clouds

    After dinner I went for a small walk despite a storm with lightning heading towards me. This was quite a nice and relaxing place that had me staying there longer than I was meant to.

  • Roshe Bokeh

    This was the first time I’ve used a reflector and I can see why many natural light photographers rely on them. I love these shoes so much that I have two pairs of them, one for work and one for casual wear.

  • Week 45 – Amiibo

    I recently purchased a Wii U (which is seriously underrated and I love) so I couldn’t resist getting a few Amiibo’s to go along with it.

  • King Street

    This is King Street which is Perth’s home to many of the high fashion brands like LV and Prada. I had a work meeting last night so decided to walk around and this was a image I had in mind for a while but never had my camera with me at the right time. I’ve been quite happy with my recent images because I haven’t had to do many adjustments.…

  • Week 43 – Edosei

    For the past few months we’ve been trying to have a nice dinner at least once a fortnight. This was at a restaurant called Edosei and it was the second time we visited this restaurant.

  • 22542483066_fa05829433_h.jpg

    Get Out Of The House

    This is very close to the other seascapes I have done but still something a little different. I thought I would try shooting 3 different compositions and here are the results. For the top image, it was my first shot and I managed to get the exposure right on the first attempt. This is actually two shots layered, one for the sky and one for the foreground. I had actually…

  • Week 42 – Crystals

    These are my crystal beads my girlfriend got me earlier in the year. They are meant to dispel all the bad energy from your body. I have grown to like them quite a lot and wear them every single day. For this shot, I was experimenting using Plexiglas, otherwise known as Perspex or Acrylic glass. I was using the window light and a simple white towel as a backdrop. It was…

  • Week 41 – Window To The Soul

    This is in fact my eye. The eyes are known as the window to the soul and as you can see, my eyes also have a window that look outside the house. While playing around looking for macro subjects, I thought I would try using the window light to take a near 1:1 shot of my eye. With the Canon app it wasn’t too hard to compose although I found…