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  • Week 51 – The Home Stretch

    This is one of those rare times that I actually use my 100L for macro work. This is also my second last post in my 52 Week Project and although I’m happy for it to end, I’m already planning how to challenge myself next year by possible attempting it again.

  • Nice To Meet You Too

    This is my friend Nik Voon who I have been speaking too on Flickr and Tumblr for at least a year now. On my way back from my KL trip, I finally got to meet him during my stopover in Singapore. Nik was kind enough to come all the way to the airport to meet my girlfriend and I 😀 I’ve got to watch Nik improve over time and in no…

  • Dion

    This is Dion. He is a good friend of mine and he has known me since before I could walk. While he was on his lunch break I thought I would bother him for a quick portrait and this is the result.

  • Smile!

    Just a simple portrait of my beautiful girlfriend.

  • 19257941653_f851b278b9_h.jpg

    Push Forward

      Here is the second part to my portrait shoot from the weekend. These are all taken outside my friends house using natural light only. They council were doing some bush fire burning so the sky was filled with a heavy smoke cloud. Surprisingly it gave the light a very warm feel to it which helped make these stand out even more. Being that my friend was posing on the…

  • Week 12 – My Better Half

    My photography journey started not long after I met my girlfriend which was nearly four years ago. She’s been very supportive of my hobby and has been there to witness my skills grow and style change. I’m very thankful to have her and I took this portrait of her which I’m real happy with, so I figured it would be a great week 12 entry!

  • Timmy

    This is my friend Timmy who I’ve known for at least five years or more. I took some portraits of him a while ago which can be found HERE. We went to dinner for a catch up and once dinner was done, I took some portraits of him. I used to prefer doing more wide, environmental style portraits but recently I’ve started to appreciate tighter upper body/head shots. The main…