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  • Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It has been nearly 3 weeks since Red Dead Redemption 2 launched and I’m only half way through the story. Previously, The Witcher 3 was my all time favorite game but RDR2 is quickly stealing that title away. For some games I get such as Pokemon, I enjoy buying the strategy guides that are made for… Read more

  • Obsessed Again

    Obsessed Again

    I spent several months at the end of last year not playing games at all which is rare for me. I seen Watch Dogs and Pokémon Sun and Moon get released, yet I wasn’t excited. Then in January my girlfriend went away for her holiday and everything changed, all thanks to her tv. She has… Read more

  • PS4 Pro

    PS4 Pro

    I got this bundle a few day after launch but have hardly had the time to play. I never updated my fat 32GB PS3 which I regret since it is so old and hardly works so I didn’t hesitate when it came time to upgrade my PS4! Read more

  • Carbon Fiber PS4 Skin

    Carbon Fiber PS4 Skin

    This is my PS4 wrapped in a carbon fibre skin from Dbrand. I’m a huge fan of Dbrand products. The quality of every product I’ve received from them has been very high and they’re always easy to put on. I’ve had a skin on my phone for ages and with them having a sale at the… Read more

  • New Addition

    New Addition

    With this photo I would like to welcome a new addition to my lens lineup, The Sigma 85mm f1.4 EX DG HSM. I’ve wanted an 85mm prime for a long time now and this was my lens of choice. Read more

  • HyperX


    These are my HyperX Cloud ii headphones that I got a little over a week ago now. I had a pair of PDP Afterglow headphones that I thought sounded pretty decent, once I used these I realized I was wrong. Read more

  • Week 32 – Enjoyable Journey

    Week 32 – Enjoyable Journey

    This is probably my favorite Pokemon game to date. I love having my Pokemon following behind me, it was such a great feature that should be in every game. I also loved having two regions, although Kanto could have been more story driven. This was more of a challenging game too (still not hard, but… Read more

  • Week 21 – Wild Hunt

    Week 21 – Wild Hunt
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    Thanks to this game I’ve had almost no interest in touching my camera for the past week. Aside from photography, my other true love is gaming. I played The Witcher 2 which I quite enjoyed, more so for the story than the gameplay although the Witcher 3 is a great improvement in nearly every way.… Read more

  • 3DS


    My favorite handheld console. At first I got it just for Pokemon, but all the first party titles are just too hard to resist. Read more