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  • Ribs & Burgers Bacon & Cheese Burger

    Ribs & Burgers Bacon & Cheese Burger

    This is bacon and cheese burger from Ribs & Burgers in Perth. I was surprised at how filling it was, since I ordered a regular chips with it too!  Read more

  • Meat Master J

    Meat Master J

    Since I have very few images left from Hong Kong, I’d figured just upload the last few without worrying about what days they were taken. Both images are from the markets right near Langham Place. We hadn’t looked round there before so decided to explore the area while we still had a few days left.… Read more

  • All Time Favorite Steak

    All Time Favorite Steak

    This is a 400gm (14oz) USDA Rib Eye Steak from BLT Steak in Hong Kong. I really love steaks and this is possibly the best steak I have ever had. The view was really nice (which can be seen in the second shot) and when stepping outside, I had was able to capture the image of… Read more

  • Ribs & Burgers

    Ribs & Burgers

    This is the beef ribs from Ribs & Burgers in Perth’s CBD. They are seriously amazing (my friend had the Baby Back Ribs which tasted even better than mine) and definitely worth trying if you like this kind of food. It was VERY dark where we decided to sit so I had to bump my ISO… Read more