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  • Day Five – Walking From Day To Night

    I’m finally uploading some more Hong Kong images, these are from day 5. For the very first image, this was just outside the tram that heads to the peak. The line was actually too long so we ended up just walking around the park next to there instead. The next image was just simply a street we walked past on the start of our walk. The third image was a…

  • All Time Favorite Steak

    This is a 400gm (14oz) USDA Rib Eye Steak from BLT Steak in Hong Kong. I really love steaks and this is possibly the best steak I have ever had. The view was really nice (which can be seen in the second shot) and when stepping outside, I had was able to capture the image of the city handheld.

  • Connaught Road

    This is one of those locations in Hong Kong that everyone visits. The second image is of the IFC building which I visited a lot due to this great burger place called “Big Fernand”. Everyone seems to shoot from the IFC so I thought I would try the opposite direction which the top image is showing. The mist was still very strong on the night I went which you can see…

  • Day Two in Hong Kong – Wan Chai & Beyond

  • Sit Still

    The very top image is a portrait of my girlfriend from the other night. Nailing focus which staying still was a challenge for me. It was also quite dark and didn’t expose very well but either way it turned out well 🙂 The second image and third images are candid shots from our walk around the new Elizabeth Quay.

  • Beam Me Up

    It was quite an adventure I went on just to take this image. It was taken at Zig Zag Drive which is in the Perth suburb of Gooseberry Hill in Perth’s East.

  • Grand Hyatt KL

    This is the outside view of our hotel. It may look nice in this image, but it was even nicer in person! There was always some nice cars parked outside and it was usually quite busy. I got back at the perfect time when it was empty outside and the lighting was just right. Thanks to the 6D I didn’t have to worry about using ISO 6400 either 😀 This…

  • The Tallest Twins

    While on our tour of Petronas Towers, we were told several times that these are the tallest twins in the world right now. This is one of those shots that everyone has taken so it doesn’t make it unique, but here is my version.

  • Searching

    This is a silhouette portrait of myself I took the other night when out shooting with a friend. I actually didn’t plan this as a silhouette but when I tried it as one, it seemed to suit it well. While I do love the 100L and it is a great all rounder, my heart still yearns for a dedicated portrait lens like the Sigma 85mm f1.4. I keep hesitating to…

  • Week 50 – Leave A Light On

    Just a few more weeks to go then my 52 week project will be complete. This is an image I’ve wanted to take for a month but have’t had the time. I had used this same lantern in an image I took a long time ago. I thought it would be fun to take this so I could see how much I’ve improved over the years and I am much…