Cloudy Forecast

For a long time I have avoided doing any kind of images of the city from this point as I feel it is overdone and not as creative as I’d like to be. There are two factors that made me decide to try this kind of shot again:

1. My 10 Stop ND Filter

Being that the 10 stop allows for long exposures during the day time, you can get some really nice effects on a cloudy day or when capturing water. Although the city skyline has not changed at all, I knew I could come up with something greatly different to that of my previous shots as long as I had a decent amount of clouds.

2. My Stats On Flickr

I still have a pro account on Flickr which provides me with detailed stats such as which photos are viewed and how often. One image I noticed that was being viewed quite a bit daily I took several years ago with my 550D, Canon EF 50mm f1.8 ii and a unstable tripod. Back then I didn’t really know what I was doing and with my gear limitations, the quality wasn’t the best. This made me decide it was time to do another cityscape to show what I can do these with my current gear and knowledge.

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