Week 30 – Wave of Darkness

Week 30 – Wave of Darkness

I’m on top of things this week and have my 52 week project submission ready on day one!

I was out with my girlfriend in Kings Park (people in Perth would possibly know the spot I took this from) and noticed how well the trees framed the QV1 building. As I took the shot, we had a real strong storm cloud sweeping over like a wave of darkness (hence the title) so which made the shot irresistible¬†to me. I’m not really into shooting in the middle of the day when there’s bright sun and strong shadows, but recently I’ve found these conditions can still make for some really nice black and white images.

NOTE: Over the past few days I have been changing some aspects of this site to improve the performance. I have optimized the size of my images so I hope they will load faster for everyone. Although the images aren’t huge in these blog posts, I actually don’t mind and somewhat prefer it this way. I have the portfolio pages which are accessible in my menu if you would like to see my images in a prettier and higher resolution.


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