Week 41 – Window To The Soul

This is in fact my eye. The eyes are known as the window to the soul and as you can see, my eyes also have a window that look outside the house.

While playing around looking for macro subjects, I thought I would try using the window light to take a near 1:1 shot of my eye. With the Canon app it wasn’t too hard to compose although I found using MF and just moving my eye into the right spot was easier than trying to rely on AF. This shot was also taken at ISO 4000 and I have to say the detail is pretty impressive for such a high speed. It’s the ISO capability like this which is what made me originally want the 6D and I’m glad I still have it (I’ve been very tempted to switch to the Sony A7II).

With a major assignment due and a lot of hours at work, I may not be able to upload as regularly as I like so I apologize in advance for a lack of posts.

Enjoy your week ahead everyone!

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