Day Three in Hong Kong – All Over The Place

Day Three in Hong Kong – All Over The Place

We started off around Jordan and I got a nice candid shot there


After this we headed to the Mid Levels Escalator on the island to explore around there


On the way up I got my girlfriend to help me with a self portrait on this small street that appealed to me


On the way back down, we got lost but we did get to see some nice scenery


Afterwards, we headed back to Tsim Tsa Tsui. There was some stalls there for arts and crafts were people could sell their handmade products. There was also people talking about how important arts are for the youth



There was a dance competition on and I managed to capture of the girls practicing before her team got their turn to dance

Preparing for the performance

The scenery down at TST is nice and I wasn’t the only one there with my camera



The rest of the day we did some shopping at Ocean Terminal, which gave me the great view in the very top featured image. At night we just walked the streets of Mongkok and got to see this old lady singing and her husband dancing with a dog on his shoulders

Unwilling Performer


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