Playtime In The Park


Nike Air Force 1's Red

Seasons Change

Here’s some photos from my playtime in the park. I haven’t actually used my 6D since getting back from Hong Kong which was one month ago. I have been a bit busy with my games I got for my birthday so haven’t had as much interesting in shooting, I also still got a lot to edit from HK. I really enjoyed shooting these and although it felt like I was at the park for 10 minutes, I spent nearly one hour there. Now onto the images.

The featured image is a 133MP brenizer panorama (well the original this, I had to resize it for the web of course) which is comprised of about 44 shots. Since getting my Sigma 85mm I haven’t tried doing a brenizer shot so this is my first attempt. I also processed this image 3 times over before I was completely happy with this tones.

The next image is a self portrait which is very educational. Why you ask? Is it my processing or is it my technique maybe? The reason why it’s educational is because it shows you what horrible posing looks like :p I was using wifi and the Canon Camera Connect app to focus which does make it easier, but not as easy as having someone focus for you (or shooting someone else). I really like the way full body portraits look on the 85mm. I was going to attempt a brenizer self portrait, but it had  been raining and I didn’t feel like getting wet pants.

The third image is my brand new Nike Air Force 1’s in red. I do have a pair of highs in white as well as lows in black (just got the black ones on special yesterday), although these are possibly my favorite purely because I love red and got them in Hong Kong.

The final image is just a simple leaf which had fallen into the bushes and landed perfectly. There were a lot of trees above us but there was one gap which gave a nice amount of light that just hit the subject. I hope everyone likes the post and hopefully next weekend I’ll have some more non Hong Kong shots to post.

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