Day Five – Walking From Day To Night

Day Five – Walking From Day To Night



Lippo Buildings

Octopus Balls

Starbucks Langham Place

Shoot The Bokeh

Look Up Bokeh

Busy Week Nights

I’m finally uploading some more Hong Kong images, these are from day 5.

For the very first image, this was just outside the tram that heads to the peak. The line was actually too long so we ended up just walking around the park next to there instead. The next image was just simply a street we walked past on the start of our walk. The third image was a tower in this park we visited and my girlfriend is the one in the photo taking the image. For the forth image, this is the view facing towards Kowloon from the top of the tower in the previous image.

The next two images are some Takoyaki balls we got (which didn’t taste very good) and the Starbucks in Langham Place. The final 3 images were just candid street shots I took as we walked around the streets of Mongkok. I was amazed at how busy it is, even so late on a week night.


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