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Bruce Lee Exhibition

Intense Game
On our 6th day we decided to travel to Sha Tin and see the Bruce Lee exhibit at the heritage museum. Even though it’s been on for quite some time, I hadn’t seen it and wouldn’t be back to HK before it finishes either.

It was a pretty easy trip to get there thanks to the MTR. We had a short walk from the station and really enjoyed the view along the way (which can be seen in the first 3 images).

They didn’t allow photos inside the exhibit so I was only able to take images outside. The exhibit was great and really interesting to see, I was surprised I missed this on my first trip there. Outside there was a lot of old men playing their games which made for an easy shot since there were too focused to even notice me.

The image I can talk the most about is the Bruce Lee statue. On my last visit, I got to photograph the one at the avenue of stars which is no longer accessible. When I seen this statue I knew I had to get an image I was happy with but it wasn’t easy due to the lighting. Being that it was a very gloomy day, the shadows around the statue it impossible to match the highlights in the background. I actually ended up shooting two images, one for the highlights and another for the shadows then blended them in PS using a layer mask.

Tomorrow I will upload part two of my 6th day which is a few images from my night.

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