Sayers Sisters

Bacon and Eggs

SS Smoothie

Candy Cage

This was our first time going to Sayers Sisters in Northbridge which we really enjoyed. We originally intended to go to Rockpool for lunch but since I hurt my jaw, some soft eggs were a better option.

My girlfriend had the smoothie and salad while the tasty bacon and eggs were mine. Sadly I struggled to eat the bacon as I couldn’t chew and I had to give my bread to my girlfriend too 🙁 Sayers Sisters have all these cages and containers full of candy. I believe they are only $2 a piece and the money goes to charity which is really great.

When it comes to what these images were taken with, I think I’m in love. The M3 and 22mm f2 give me a similar FOV as the 6D with my 35mm F2 IS attached. It’s so small that I fit the whole thing in my pocket and was able to carry it around with me the whole day. The IQ is really great and I can see myself using this combo all the time.

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