Canon EOS 6D Mark II

I am very happy to say I got my Canon EOS 6D Mark II a few days ago and I am in love with it. Below are some images I’ve taken so far and some initial impressions after a few days of using the camera.

Tip Box

Glowing Night


Hotel Westend

Morning Coffee

Marin Place News

Bus Lane


Build – being that it’s almost identical to the 6D it has a real good solid feel. After 3 weeks of only using my M5, it honestly feels good to once again experience that big solid feel of a DSLR The articulating screen is really nice. At first I was a bit disappointed when I read it was only 1.04 million dots unlike my M5 but they have definitely improved the quality of it and I can see the difference compared to my old 6D.

Autofocus – The difference is truly day and night with the outer points. I always found them to be too unreliable on my 6D but that definitely isn’t the case with the Mark II. I actually find myself overwhelmed with so many AF points to choose from. I’m personally used to just choosing a single point I feel like that’s a waste with all those beautiful AF points to choose from. I find the AF to be very fast and accurate too, even with the horrible lighting inside my house. I tend to cycle through the AF modes all the time, rather than just sticking to 1. I REALLY cannot stress how much I love the AF on this new body! I actually have way more trust in it and have been missing in live view more than through the viewfinder (mainly because I find myself steadier that way).

Shutter – This is obviously something most people wouldn’t mention but the second I took the first shot I could hear the difference. It may be a bit louder than the 6D but I like the sound to it, you can really tell it’s made for the higher FPS.

Image Quality – From what I can see, the high ISO performance on this body has been improved quite well. I have some images at ISO 16,000 that could be comparable to 6400 on the 6D. The images are sharp and have great detail so I have no complaints so far.

I will hopefully have some more images to share very soon!

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