733 Link Breath of the Wild

Considering Breath of the Wild is one of my all time favorite games, I thought it was appropriate that my first Nendoroid would be Link.

Whenever I think of Nendoroids, I usually think of Hong Kong for a certain reason. During my trip there in 2015, I really wanted to try find one of the Pokemon Nendoroids to buy. Now my girlfriend hates this kind of stuff and thinks it’s a waste of money, but she also didn’t know what a Nendoroid was. I made sure to be very vague about it and she had the assumption it was a video game or something related (like an Amiibo). Because I let her keep this assumption, she didn’t mind us walking all over HK trying to find the Red or Cynthia Nendoroids.

We searched long and far and sadly couldn’t find anywhere that had them in stock. Eventually I let it slip what a Nendoroid actually was which is when she got annoyed and made me buy a fake one from this store (which was of very poor quality..). Fast forward to now and I finally got myself a genuine one which I had to wait a long time to get after my pre-order.

When it comes to the actual game of Breath of the Wild, I’m quite tempted to replay it in time for The Champions Ballad DLC. I know it’s meant to be very story focused which has me very excited. BOTW was fun for it’s exploration and now TCB can be great for it’s story. I also tried restarting The Witcher 3 on PC again and wow did it bring back good memories, it’s still my favorite all time game.

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