Apple iPhone 8 Plus Bokeh

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Bokeh

My New Phone!

After two years of using my Samsung Note 5, I finally have an iPhone again! I managed to get this Silver iPhone 8 Plus from Apple last Friday when it launched and it has made me so glad that I decided to switch back to iOS.

I had used a 4s and 5s then I decided to give Android a try and got myself a Note 5. Fast forward 2 years and I now have myself an 8 Plus and wow has iOS improved so much.
I really like how you can now delete unwanted apps like stocks ( which I’ve been goodness they started allowing a year or so ago). The improvements to iOS have really made me love this phone so much more!

When it comes to the hardware of the phone, it feels like a big upgrade for me. I had a 32GB phone so to now have a 256Gb one it feels so unrestrictive and I find myself installing any app I like. Although the Note 5’s Screen was higher resolution (1440p), the 8 Plus screen still looks great and I don’t notice any difference. One major difference I do notice is battery life. The Note 5 would drop by 10-15% overnight even in power saving mode. The 8 Plus only dropped 5% overnight which I found to be really impressive. After a full day of use I’m finding I still have 60% left which is insane compared to what the Note 5 could do, even when it was brand new.

For some this may not be much of an upgrade but I personally have found this to be a significant upgrade for myself.


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