Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

As someone who hasn’t worn a watch in more than 15 years and doesn’t particularly like watches, I’m pretty happy to say I got myself¬† a series 3 Apple Watch.

So what made me get one of these when I previously had no interest in watches? I personally find the AW to be useful where as I find standard watches the opposite. I got the LTE version of the series 3 watch so I’m able to receive all my notifications, even when my phone isn’t with me. The other upside is I get to take all these product shots. When it comes to these three images, I all tried to shoot them from a different perspective.

For the very top and first image, I went for a casual approach. It was honestly quite hard to pose my wrist in a natural way while still trying to take the photo. I was outside a store window so the ambient light allowed me to keep the ISO down.

For the image below, I wanted to do a more professional shot of sorts but still have some bokeh. The watch was laying on my dining table and I was just relying on the ambient light from the kitchen. For the bokeh in the background, I was using some fairy lights that I held in place with my camera on self timer.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

The image below is the last image I took and somewhat my favorite. I love low key product shots and the aluminium build of the watch makes for some great reflections. I shot this on the same table as above, although I had a speedlight held above the watch firing into a reflective umbrella. The band on my watch is actually black and depending on your display, you may be able to see a slight outline of the band which I intended.

Apple Watch


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