Louis Vuitton

This year I’m trying to focus more on still life and product photography. I’ve always enjoyed product shots and it makes getting new items even more fun. This is a Louis Vuitton handbag I got my girlfriend as a present last year. I have wanted to take a decent shot of it for quite some time now and I finally got around to it.

I wanted to experiment with my flash gels and the above image wasn’t my first attempt. Below is the first image I came up with when using a red gel on my Speedlight.


For this image ( which we will call image B for less confusion), I went for the more slight side and top lighting with the red gel. The main difference is I had the gel aimed directly at the product at 1/128th power. For the featured image at the top, I had the flash at around 1/16th power aimed at the background below the table. I personally like the more strong and vibrant color on the featured image over the more subtle color in image B but I know my girlfriend and some friends preferred image B.

I hope to continue to improve my product photography at every chance I get.

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