Making A Return

Making A Return

It sure has been a long time since I updated my site!

In that time, I have been busy moving this site to Bluehost. For those looking for a reliable shared hosting, I am very happy so far with Bluehost. I was previously using VentraIP which is a Melbourne based company and had no issue with their service or hosting, but more so with the value for money. I am now paying half of what I was before but I have unlimited bandwidth to use which means I can host multiple websites on the one plan.

On the topic of multiple websites, I am actually planning on starting a Podcast which is where the shared hosting comes in. The new website is still in the works but will hopefully be done in coming weeks. Additionally while making the move, I made some changes under the hood to improve loading times on this site.

I hope everyone enjoys the improved performance and you can all look forward to more regular updates here 😀


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