Rushing By

Last week I went down to Circular Quay to do some long exposures. I told myself that no matter what the weather, I would drag myself out. My luck turned out to be great and I got some great clouds for sunset.

The featured image up top was a 76 second exposure and I used my Haida ND filter. I actually did one exposure for the sky then another for the buildings and water once the lights came on. After this I was so happy with the shot I was tempted to leave. I looked around and see how nice lighting was and decided to shoot more.

Next is the image below. It was quite windy so I didn’t want to extend the center column too much as I may get some movement in the image. I think the Sony 12-24mm would have been really nice in this situation. If only my budget could allow it..

Last is just a shot I did for fun when walking back to the station. There was still a lot of people around but the long exposure solved that.

Circular Quay is a really amazing place to visit at night. So amazing that I am heading there again tonight to try a different view.

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