The Disappointment

The Disappointment

Now this mug comes with a somewhat disappointing story for me. It’s nothing serious and more humorous than anything.

My girlfriend went to Japan back in February and while there, sent me photos of all the Starbucks mugs they sell there. The photo below is what she sent me and I was instantly in love with the mug in the photo.

Now it was just a matter of waiting until I had a new mug for my small collection (most are different Disneyland ones). Once she got back from her trip, asking to see the mug was my highest priority.

She got the box out of her luggage and I eagerly went to take it out of the box, then the disappointment hit. That beautiful red mug with Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms was now a blue mug with none of those on it….

Turns out my girlfriend just grabbed the box right behind the red mug and didn’t bother to check to make sure it was the right one. She even laughed at the sad, disappointed look on my face too 😝

I hope that when I eventually get to visit Japan, they still sell that red mug…


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  1. Joey Avatar

    So, you’ve got the mug in the featured image, but not with the Mt. Fuji?

    1. Daniel Lee Avatar
      Daniel Lee

      Yes exactly and the mug in the post that has the red on the inside in the one I wanted 🙁 haha

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