Introducing The Photography Enthusiast

After several months of work and planning, I am happy to reveal my project. The Photography Enthusiast will be my new website that I will use to write reviews, tutorials and host a podcast.

It’s just a side hobby so I don’t expect it to ever be a huge website with daily content like PetaPixel or DPreview. It will just be my own small space for sharing my opinions and techniques.

I don’t consider myself a brand loyal person and I want that to show in any reviews or impressions I give. Although I do love to discuss gear, I don’t have the same standards as some people. I hope to use these factors in shaping the content I produce.

The most important part of this new site is the thing I am most excited about. In the coming weeks I will launch a podcast that will be co-hosted with a friend of mine.

I am actually a huge fan of podcasts in general. I listen to a wide range of shows from photography ones all the way to unsolved crimes. There are actually a few other podcasts I’m interested in doing but I need co-hosts. I prefer shows that are more discussion based which is hard to do if you are talking by yourself.

I originally made the website purely for SEO purposes.Although after receiving positive responses for my article The Move To Mirrorless, I changed my mind. Now I plan to make this website much more. It will probably take a long time but I’m willing to put in the work and I hope everyone enjoys it!

Make sure to head on over to The Photography Enthusiast and let me know what you think!


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