Christmas in July Markets

Here we have several images that were taken over the past few weeks. The featured image as well as the following 2 were taken at the Christmas in July Markets here in Sydney. Sadly I forgot I had the silent shutter enabled so the image of the blowtorch has some banding.

Next we have a street shot of Capitol which is located in Haymarket, Sydney. This was taken with my 85mm since I wanted to try a different perspective. The evening light is a bit difficult in Sydney with all the tall buildings. Even when it’s still bright out, it will look later in the day due to this.

Next we have one of my favorite desserts, Devils Delight from Pancakes at Darling Harbour. This tastes seriously good and is extremely healthy (not really).

Last but not least, we have a photo of my two favorite focal lengths. I actually wrote on article on why i love 35mm and 85mm so if you have some spare time, give it a read.

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