I’m Now One Lens Lighter

I’m Now One Lens Lighter

Welcome to October and my latest post! As you can see, this will be a lot shorter compared to the last fortnights update.

Every photo in this post was taken with the Sony FE 35mm f/1.8. I wanted to get a few more photos with it to use in my review. The featured image at the top of the page is one of my favorite shots I’ve taken with this lens.

There wasn’t anything special about the image or location, it was just really nice lighting during that evening.

We went to dinner and got there a bit early so I walked around taking photos. There are a lot of pot plant flower setups around Darlinghurst which is how I took the image above.

As you can probably tell I am doing top down images more and more. I used to find it challenging getting directly above but I’m finding it easier now hence why I’m shooting this way more.

Above you can see what we had for dinner, Butter Chicken. It was from a restaurant called Malabar Indian Restaurant here in Sydney. We were lucky to get a window seat with nice lighting so it really helped with taking this image.

Before we went in I took the below portrait of my girlfriend using natural light. I wanted a portrait or two for my FE 35mm review so I think these will work well.

Taking these portraits reminds me why I love this focal length so much. With something like an 85mm, it absolutely destroys the background. With a 35mm, it creates some background separation but also gives some slight context to the environment which looks great to me.

For the portrait below I really wanted to show the shadows created from the natural window light. I’m finally getting the same feeling from this lens that I got from my Canon 35mm. I will try make it my goal to use it on a weekly basis and get even more of a feel for it.

Finally I’ll discuss the title of this post. I am happy but also sad to say I sold my Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4. I have mixed feelings about this as the lens was great optically but at the same time I just wanted something different.

For once I will be taking my time to purchase something new. I want to end my gear addiction once and for all. I find myself tempted by the Sigma 105mm macro as it appears to have much more round specular highlights compared to the Sony FE 90mm Macro. Regardless of if I just keep my 90mm, buy an 85mm or whatever, I need to take my time and be sure of it.

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