My Top 5 Images of 2020

With a few weeks left in 2020 I figure it’s time for my top images of the year. Although there are a few weeks to go, I don’t see myself getting any other top imagines in that remaining time. Below are my top 5 images in no particular order.

Anna Bay NSW

This photo was taken during my road trip to Newcastle and Hunter Valley which was about 170km from the Sydney CBD. The unique thing about this image is it the only image taken with my Canon M5, an APSC body.

It was a single exposure but the clouds had a nice streak to them which made the image look great. This location is known for it’s sand dunes and camel rides which I managed to capture in the image.


Another unique image as it’s the only black and white one in the top 5. Back when I was living in Perth there was one black and white long exposure I took that I would still consider one of my all time top images. Since moving to Sydney 3 years ago there have been a few of these images I took but nothing that I felt really stood out.

That of course changed thanks to the above image which was taken mid way through the year. I took it just before sunset with the light was stronger which I feel works best for black and white images. This made this image and easy choice for my top 5.

Eden Hill View

Without intending to, I have another unique entry to the list as this is the only image in the list that was taken overseas. My trip to New Zealand turned out to be my only vacation for 2020 which I’m sure is the same for many others.

While in Auckland I knew I only had time for one cityscape and this location was my first choice. It was such a nice location and I really wish I had taken more shots around Eden Hill itself. This would certainly be a great location to visit again and the next time I’ll take something longer like an 85mm!

Mrs Macquaries Chair

This is one of the most popular locations to shoot from in Sydney but not somewhere I would visit often. Previously when visiting a spot like this I would take a UWA like a 16-35mm but I decided to use my FE 35mm in this instance.

I personally found the tighter framing made for a nicer image with less negative space. The bushes moving in the foreground also help provide some framing for the main subject. I believe it was when I took this image that my opinion of the FE 35mm started to change and I appreciated it more.

Luna Park Sunset

The final image is one I had been trying to capture for a long time. Since moving to Sydney, Kirribilli had been my favorite location for photos. In the past I had tried to capture the city skyline from a different spot further to the left.

The view in the above photo is a commonly used one, but for good reason. I’m really happy with this image and if I had to pick one of these 5 to be my top image, it would be this.

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