Lunar New Year and Beyond

As we are towards the end of Summer here in Sydney, we are starting to see a lot more rain is as it’s quite typical for this time of year. It has been a busy and tiring few weeks so I haven’t shot as much as I previously would have but here are some of my images.

The first stormy image was taken on the day I went to the zoo and it was one of those shots I forgot to edit.

It was a very foggy cloudy day so it didn’t come out as clean as I would have liked but it was still fun overall. It reminded me of a photo I took on my first trip to Sydney, long before I started photography.

The image below is one I took one rainy evening of Redfern here in Sydney with the Tamron 100-400mm. This image was edited using Luminosity Masks which I hadn’t used until recently. I was quite happy with this image and even more so when it made Explore on Flickr.

I had always read that Luminosity Masks are a powerful tool to use but never feel the need to use them. Now that I have, I doubt I can go back.

A New Year Begins

We recently celebrated the Lunar New Year at a restaurant called Ho Jiak here in Sydney. It was super dark in there so I spent a lot of my time shooting at high ISO’s from 2500 to 16,000 but the R6 handled it well. Below are images from the night.

I managed to shoot at 12fps with the R6 during the lion dance I definitely ended up with a lot of images. Majority were in focus but I was trying to drag the shutter more due to the low light so that did reduce my keepers, mainly due to camera shake and not missed focus.

Work Life Balance

Although I’m done with studying for now, my girlfriend has been trying to learn another language so has been busy studying that on weekends. I used the RF 35mm for the below image and I feel the 35mm perspective is perfect for these kids of shots.

It may look like something we planned out by my girlfriend likes to spread all her books and materials out all over the table so it was very easy to take the image, despite it being a distraction to her.

We also went to Bondi for dinner last weekend which allowed me to take the below image. I’ve taken shots from the same viewpoint but the sunset and mist from the waves made for a very nice and unique sunset image.

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February 24, 2021 at 10:50 pm

Nice images! Is she studying adjectives in past tense? Love the quality light in Bondi image. Want to try Ho Jiak again when I revisit. 🙂

Daniel Leereply
February 25, 2021 at 8:27 am
– In reply to: Joey

Thanks and I believe so, she’s in grade one if I remember right haha. Yes I got there at the right time and just a bit late the light was covered by clouds! We can go as I like some food there too! Haha

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