Keeping It Short and Sweet

Keeping It Short and Sweet

Welcome to my first and only post for the month of June 2021! It’s been a very busy month hence why I didn’t release at my regular schedule.

You’ll notice right away that this post is quite short and that’s due to the fact I’ve barely touched my camera. My interests and focus have been elsewhere but I’m slowly trying to get back into things. As the title suggests, this post will be short and sweet.

Dinner and Nightlife

Below are a few images I took when I went out to dinner one night to Yebisu in Chinatown. I don’t visit here that often but the food is pretty good for the price so I try to go every once in a while. These images were all take with the R6 and RF 50mm f/1.8 STM.

Like before I am getting more and more accustomed to using the 50mm focal length. Years ago I was more into both wide angle lenses and a wide view so I favored 35mm. Now that I’m more into the tele look, I feel that 50mm has grown on me a lot. I still find 35mm works best for certain types of images, but for what I really like to shoot (still life and street) I find 50mm works really well.

Bad Timing

One day when it was raining we decided to go La Perouse which is about a 24 minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Although I love going for drives in this weather, it isn’t always a great idea. It was raining at the time we got there but I still decided to get out of the car and take the image below.

This was taken with my R6 and RF 35mm and although I was happy with the shot and how it really showed how wild and crazy the weather was, I ended up getting sick for several days after this. I rarely get sick each year so it was quite annoying but I got the shot I wanted so oh well.

Farewell Barangaroo

I’ve been working in Barangaroo for a few years now but this is my last week working there so it’s time to move on. I took this photo one day after work as I was leaving to help me remember the area I loved working in so much.

Unlike the rest, this image was taken with the M50 Mark II and 22mm f/2. I’m hoping that now I’ll be in an office full time again, I can use my lunch break to walk around and do some street shots but that will likely take some time. Well this concludes my post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post.


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