Lockdown is Bad for Photography

Welcome to my first post for the month of August. As always I’ve been quite busy with everything but shooting hence why this post will be brief but to the point.

As an update of sorts I’d like to say this website should now load much faster for you (at least I hope it does). I know it could have some slow load times so I have made a few changes and found it made a big difference. Now onto the photos.

Keeping it Casual

We are still in lockdown here in Sydney so I haven’t been out of the house much. I’ve mostly been taking very casual shots at home when I do something besides play games or watch shows. Below are just some photos of my food/dessert I had one day.

These are obviously nothing special but I find if I don’t shoot at all, I actually lose my creative ability. For example I may end up over/under-editing an image or my composition wouldn’t be as interesting as it once was. I also notice that I am struggling more and more to use my 35mm lens.

This is nothing to do with the actual lens itself but more just about my eye. I used to be able to use it for absolutely everything no matter the genre but these days I like the tele look so I think 50mm appeals to me more.

In saying that, I haven’t been using my 85mm much either. I am a bit lost with my photos recently and my focus has been more on cityscapes which I can’t do right now. Because of this, I haven’t had many ideas of what to shoot around the house.

What I have done is go through and edit some of my older images which make up the majority of this post.

Well that’s it for this post and I’m hoping I’ll be able to post again soon with something more substantial. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe if you want to be notified of new posts.

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