Forget About Outdoors

Here we are in September of 2021 and we are also still in lockdown here in Sydney. My chances of taking a cityscape at the last location on my list have now disappeared since winter is officially over.

In regards to my photography, the camera has been dusted off but isn’t exactly safe from meeting the same fate. For the featured image at the top of the page, I wanted to try some more still life. This is a pop up card I got at a market in Hong Kong and had wanted to take another photo of it for quite some time. I was using my RGB light stick for a pretty basic setup but it still turned out how I wanted.

The Cross

For a long time now I’ve been wearing a cross and usually on the end of a Sterling Silver chain. I had always preferred silver more and felt it suited me most but recently I decided to give gold a try. Below is my new solid gold rope chain along with my existing pendant.

Since getting it I wasn’t sure what type of image I wanted to take of it as I wanted something different to what I previously took. I’ve found myself more into natural light recently so I decided to see what I could get one day. The above image was taken with my RF 85mm and the window was 45 degrees to my right.

This kind of image used to be more challenging when using my phone to trigger the camera but with the fully articulating screen on the R6 it’s so easy.

The Chair

Although I still need to take some more nicer/proper images of it, below is my new ThunderX3 BC3 gaming chair. Now gaming chairs have quite a bad rep as they aren’t seen as being as good for your posture as a proper office chair. One thing to keep in mind is what chair you were using before. Compared to my previous one, this one is amazing for your posture.

Prior to getting this chair I was using a cheap old Ikea office chair that was falling apart. This chair didn’t really support my neck or head properly since it was too small and would also tilt back so you couldn’t really sit upright properly which I think put a lot of strain on my neck and back. Even though I’ve only had this chair for a few days now, it’s been night and day compared to my old one.

Hopefully in my next post I’ll have some nicer shots of this chair but I won’t make any guarantees.

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