This weeks theme for Macro Monday’s on Flickr is Treasured so here is my image.

With the theme, you need to capture something that is treasured to you. I don’t have many very small items that would be good for macro shots aside from this ring which I’ve had for well over 10 years so I guess this fits the topic well.

I shot this image using the Canon EOS R6 and RF 85mm f/2 IS with the lighting being from the Yongnuo YN-360 III. I placed the ring on top of a work diary I have then added some texture overlays to get that look on the background. I will say I used to previously like using the lightstick more but recently I’ve enjoyed using my AD200 more. The main reason I use the Lightstick more is purely due to the convenience.

I find that due to the softbox I use on the AD200 it creates a much larger and softer light compared to the small surface area of the Yongnuo. I tried buying a softbox sleeve for the Yongnuo although the design of it isn’t that great so I didn’t really like it in use.

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