Celebrations, A Review and More!

So it’s been a while since my last post and although I haven’t updated this blog, I’ve still been shooting.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the Macro Monday challenges and stuff like that but I have shot from time to time when visiting a few places and out for meals. Here are the images from the past month or so.

Chinese New Year

It was nearly a month ago but here in Sydney we always have a ton of CNY celebrations.

There was one weekend at Market City that had a Lion Dance so we all went to watch. I had the Canon R6 and RF 35mmf/1.8 IS with me which worked really well to capture the image you see below.

I also took the above images on another night out for dinner at a place called XOPP. I used the M50 Mark II for these with the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM. This combo works really well for this type of food photography so as long as I go out to shoot more like this, the M50 II will come with me.

The Crown

Despite it quickly approaching 1 year since I stopped working Barangaroo I’m still really in love with the area around Crown Sydney. There’s a few places around here too that I like to eat at so there’s no lack of excuses to visit here.

Our Summers here in Sydney are really wet and humid so my typical style of shooting cityscapes at blue hour doesn’t always work when you can’t even see the sky. The first image is taken with the Canon M50II/Sigma 56mm f/1.4 and the two vertical images at the bottom were taken with the Canon EOS R6/RF 16mm f/2.8.

This is making me eager for winter or at least for daylight savings to end. I’ve noticed when I wake up in the morning around 6am the sunrise is already a bit later which is a promising start.

I think once we hit April I should be able to start shooting sunsets which I’m really excited for!

Everyone Gets A Turn

Considering I was using the RF 16mm which hasn’t got much use since I purchased it, I thought I’d give love to another lens that hasn’t got much use in recent time.

Below is a new school that is right next to Prince Alfred Park here in Sydney. Although in the image it may look like I was fairly close, this building is actually roughly 700m away and was shot at 281mm with the RF 100-400mm.

Although I haven’t used this lens that much, the IQ from this lens still blows me away when you consider the price, size and weight. Although I’ve visited the majority of places I wanted to with a 100-400mm, I’m going to continue to keep scouting new locations and see what I can come up with this lens once the cooler seasons begin.

Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

Last weekend I visited Brighton-Le-Sands Beach today for the first time and it was quite a nice place.

I loved how you could see a silhouette of the CBD at the end of the beach which stretched quite far.

Pretty much right after I took this shot it started to rain so I had to quickly pack the M50 II away and get back to the car.

I would definitely love to visit here again with something like the 100-400mm so I can get a much more compressed shot and have the city look closer.

Another Review Done

As you know I like to write reviews over at The Photography Enthusiast and considering having owned the RF 85mm f/2 IS for over a year I thought it was time for a review.

I find most of my impressions of this lens to be mostly positive although I wouldn’t say it’s one of my all time favorite lenses.

If you are interested in reading the full review and listening to the audio version, you can find that here.

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