Just Eat and Shoot

A lot of people will tell you that gear doesn’t matter. In some ways this is true but it’s also false.

I’ve found when you enjoy using something, you’ll find any excuse to use that item. Like if you have a really nice car you’ll drive for short distances you would usually walk just because you want to use that vehicle.

For me since getting the Fuji X-S10 and then the Sony Alpha A7IV I’ve been shooting so much and really enjoying photography again. You can probably tell too which how much more regularly I’ve been updating this blog.

In saying that recently I haven’t had as much free time so any time I go out to eat, I also take one of my cameras with me.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

One evening I was having dinner around here and took the Sony FE 35GM out with me as I felt it needed a little attention.

You’ll notice a bit of variety in the images below. The 35GM has really nice bokeh and rendering but as it’s such a versatile focal length I could do those street and portrait shots too.

Light Bulb Bokeh
Tree Branch Bokeh
Grabbing One More

When I plan on travelling I wanted to only carry the 16-35mm and 33mm on my Fuji but I’ll also miss this lens if I don’t bring it.

If it wasn’t for my back issues I’d just bring all my lenses with me but sadly that isn’t the case. Regardless my next trip is quite some time away so I have plenty of time to ponder over this and make a decision.

To The Archives and More

I don’t really utilize the catalogue function in Lightroom and once I finish editing an image, I remove it altogether. In saying that things don’t always go to plan and sometimes it takes me longer than I’d like to sort through my images.

This can sometimes be a good thing as when I go back I find images that were overlooked at the time. Here are two of those.

Brownie Cookie

Regarding the first image I’m actually disappointed in myself for not noticing this the first time around (it was taken in Feb of this year). Despite not particularly liking the lens used to take it (RF 16mm f/2.8), I really like this image and the focal length was perfect for this.

Now I have the 16-35mm I can take even more of these type of images which I intend to do. When it comes to the cookie, it simply tasted good so would have been a crime not to include it.

Everyone Gets a Turn

Since I don’t want any of my gear to go unused and get lonely, I made sure to give the Fuji some love.

The 33mm has really managed to fill that gap in my lineup which is what has made sure it still gets a decent amount of use. Below are some recent images taken with the X-S10 and 33mm.

Fred the College Cat
Acai Bowl
Tater Tots
Iced Matcha Float
Wet Leaves

The last photo I actually wanted to use for a Flickr themed challenge but sadly I was a day too late. The image was quite nice so I kept and edited it anyways.

We had a lot of rain here in Sydney, even flooding in some areas so going out to shoot hasn’t always been possible. Daylight savings has also come into effect so sunset time is now around 7pm (when you can actually see it).

This isn’t that late for many but as I’m an old lady and like to sleep early, this makes it a hassle for me to go out. Despite that I’ll likely be back with another post soon.

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October 9, 2022 at 1:32 am

It seems you’ve been shooting frequently. Hard to choose lenses for traveling for sure! One zoom plus one prime? Now I have two primes for Olympus, but probably bring the longer one (45mm) only.

Daniel Leereply
October 10, 2022 at 11:10 am
– In reply to: Joey

Yes quite a bit, even weeks like this I feel I didn’t shoot much so got into the habit of shooting regularly again 😅 yes one zoom and one prime, but I’ll likely bring an 85mm prime too!

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