The Beginning of 2023 [1/52]

The Beginning of 2023 [1/52]

I have decided to do another 52 Week Project again this year so here is my first entry.

I’m hoping (although not promising) that with each week’s image I’ll be able to tell a bit of a story of sorts and it won’t just be a thoughtless image done to reach a quota.

For this week’s image I thought it would be nice to start it off with some fireworks photos since that’s how I spent the new year. Funny enough since moving to Sydney almost 6 years ago I hadn’t got the chance to set up my tripod and photograph fireworks properly.

This managed to break that streak which I didn’t want to be a thing in the first place. The image itself is actually comprised of 5 shots which were blended using a “Lighten” blend mode in PS.

Once again, I forgot to disable IBIS so it isn’t as sharp as it could be but thankfully the base layer had a bit better sharpness.

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2 responses to “The Beginning of 2023 [1/52]”

  1. Joey Avatar

    Nice pic, and interesting to see how the project evolves! Looking forward to it. 😀

    1. Daniel Lee Avatar
      Daniel Lee

      Thanks Joey and hopefully I can keep it interesting 😅

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