My Favorite Animal [27/52]

My Favorite Animal [27/52]

This is a post I was hesitant to make.

If you do read each of my 52 Week Project posts, you’ll notice I’m behind by two weeks I believe. I’ve been having some eye issues which has prevented me from both shooting and editing. This eye condition can last up to 4 months and my vision isn’t 100% still so I was considering abandoning it for this year.

I’ve been eager to try shooting again and although I did struggle to take this simple image of a cat I met while walking home, I feel I got a pretty decent result. The image itself was taken with my Sony Alpha a7IV and FE 35mm f/1.4 GM with the following settings:

  • f/1.4
  • 1/500th sec
  • ISO 250

I was trying to use Animal Eye AF and in honesty, I’m not sure if it worked. I was a bit clunky with the controls from not using my camera in a while and my eyesight isn’t the best right now, but I think I ended up using spot focus and hit the nose. Either way the cats eyes are tack sharp so I got there in the end.

Assuming my eyesight stays the same and gets better, I’ll try make up for those two weeks. Otherwise, if this project stops again, you’ll know the reason. Now I need to try catch up on my editing from a recent trip to New Zealand and also finish off my Japan editing.

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