My Short Trip to Queenstown, New Zealand

My Short Trip to Queenstown, New Zealand

Almost two months ago I went to Queenstown, New Zealand for my 1 year wedding anniversary.

This was my first time visiting Queenstown and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I’m not much of a nature person but as you can tell, this is certainly a nature type of place.

We were only there for 3 nights so I didn’t take too many photos but I got a few I’m really happy with. I’m trying something different so below you’ll see them in a gallery which you can click on to see in a lightbox.

It was a fun trip and it’s usually snowing around that time of year in Queenstown but we didn’t see any large amounts on our trip. Admittedly I never seen snow in my life but as I rented a car and was driving, I would have been more cautious/nervous if I needed to drive in the snow.

Those shots towards the end around Glenorchy are probably my favorite of the bunch. I’m also really happy with my new self portrait standing on the mountain top. I had a larger volume of images from the trip but tried to just edit my more favorite ones.

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2 responses to “My Short Trip to Queenstown, New Zealand”

  1. Joey Avatar

    Many nice pics! One year has passed very fast… Is this the same plugin you’re using for your gallery pages?

    1. Daniel Lee Avatar
      Daniel Lee

      Thanks Joey! Yes it is, it’s called Justified Image Grid! I thought it only worked with Flickr/External Sources but turns out I could use it with the standard media library so will use it more in the future!

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