Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

Our Short Stay in the Cities of Himeji and Kobe

Despite visiting there in March and having less than 30 images across the two locations to share, I’ve only just finally finished this post.

Now although I labelled it as Himeji AND Kobe, majority of the images are from the latter. My sister in law was living/working in Himeji at the time so we mainly went there to visit her and make it a stopover since it was close to Kobe.

Himeji is quite small in size but it is actually great when it comes to location. It was only 30 mins (I think, I was sleeping) to Kobe by train and I think roughly the same to Osaka. So if you don’t want to live in a big city like Osaka but want to visit, you can still be nearby.

In Kobe we went to these botanical gardens up in the mountains where we got the Ice Cream you see which was really good. Atfer walking around during the day we got to have Kobe Beef for dinner which was AMAZING. We only got around 250g but paid over $300AUD and it was worth every cent. I had to control myself as I could have eaten 1KG of it easy 😀

The final photo was a street shot of a commuter at Kobe station. The second image in the gallery of Himeji Castle from outside the station was actually taken the following morning before we headed off to Kyoto. When we go Japan again I couldn’t see myself visiting Himeji again as my sister is no longer there, but you best believe I’ll be heading to Kobe again for that beef!


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