My Time in Tokyo Part II

It has now been almost 15 months since I took these images but I’m finally uploading them.

For anyone frequent readers of this blog, you can probably tell photography hasn’t really been a priority for me as of recently. I actually have quite a lot of images that are sitting on my hard drive unedited, including a holiday in Melbourne from April. I’m also selling my Sony Alpha a7IV soon since I’m not shooting much and prefer to sell it while it still maintains more resale value.

Now onto the topic at hand. The images in this post were all taken in Tokyo but towards the end of my trip, once we returned from Osaka and Kyoto. For this part of the trip we stayed in Ginza which was quite different to Shinjuku as it is considered the more ‘rich’ high end area. Although we stayed here, we did travel around more back to areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku which you’ll mostly see in the images below.

There was a bit more cherry blossom’s showing up now as it was closer to April so I did manage to capture some images around Shinjuku. We also travelled to see Tokyo Tower since it is fairly close to Ginza and I was happy I did as the images I took of it are some of my favorite from the trip.

Although I could waffle on, I’ll leave it at this and let the images speak for themself below.

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