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  • Narrows to CBD

    This is a panorama of the Perth CBD and Narrows Bridge. I wanted to try out Lightroom’s new panorama feature so thought this would make a nice image.

  • Week 30 – Wave of Darkness

    I’m on top of things this week and have my 52 week project submission ready on day one! I was out with my girlfriend in Kings Park (people in Perth would possibly know the spot I took this from) and noticed how well the trees framed the QV1 building. As I took the shot, we…

  • Dion

    This is Dion. He is a good friend of mine and he has known me since before I could walk. While he was on his lunch break I thought I would bother him for a quick portrait and this is the result.

  • Week 29 – Reconnected

    After 5 weeks I FINALLY have internet back at home. I was so happy this morning, I felt like it was 10 birthdays at once 😛 This was shot at sunrise on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley. I went out with the intentions of shooting something else but the clouds weren’t moving how I wanted…

  • What’s Your Favorite?

    Another photo from Hyde Park (if you can’t already tell, I love this place). I had to point it to my absolute favorite season of course, give me Winter all year round!

  • William Street

    Since William Street stretches all the way through Northbridge right into the CBD, it creates some really great leading lines. It was a sunny day which I personally don’t like so I made it into a nice high contrast black and white.

  • Week 28 – Learning

    As I mentioned a while back, I’ve been trying to improve my color grading. I had developed a routine when editing my images which seemed to work, but I felt it just wasn’t quite right. I made a few changes and now I feel my consistency will be much better when doing these kind of…

  • Week 27 – Anniversary

    Here are some flowers I got my girlfriend as a small present for our anniversary.

  • Week 26 – Hold My Hand

    Another week has passed and I’m officially half way through the 52 week project. Website | Flickr | 500px | Instagram

  • St Georges Terrace

    Flickr | 500px | Instagram