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  • Sunset Flies

    As I was walking around to kill some time, I took these two shots. The top image is just a simple plant that looked nice with back lighting from the sunset. The second image is of these tiny flies that were flying around which looked great with the back lighting from the sunset.

  • Candy Shake

    This is a dessert from a great place in Hong Kong called “Candy Shake”. To my girlfriends embarrassment, I would visit this place at least once a day (sometimes twice). The dessert tasted really good and it was fairly cheap as well (HK $24 if I remember correctly). I’m pretty sure the staff got sick of me coming in every single day, ordering the same thing 😛 Thanks to all…

  • Haida ND1.8

    I have finally entered the world of sqaure filters and this is my first one, the Haida 6 Stop ND. I haven’t had the time to actually try it out, but I’m very happy with the build quality and packaging it came with. Once I can go out and take some proper photos with it, I will be sure to post some images and my thoughts on it.

  • Stolen Parts

    Looks like the owner of this bike has unwillingly ‘donated’ his wheel to a new owner…

  • Alex

    This is Alex. I have worked with him for the past four months and we are always joking around and laughing about something inappropriate each other have said. We both had time to kill so we were walking around the city and talking while lighting was at it’s best. I was showing him my new Sigma 85mm and asked him to pose for a portrait so I could show him…

  • One Man Band

    On Sunday night (also Valentines Day) we went out for dinner so I decided to take my 85mm with me. So far I really love it and although it is a challenging lens to use due to its super shallow depth of field, the AF is spot on so I get the strong majority of my shots in focus.  The few times it has missed focus it has been my…

  • Bokeh For Days

    This image isn’t really well thought out composition wise, I just thought I would upload it due to that beautiful dreamy bokeh. I was just testing the lens when taking this shot which is why it wasn’t very well thought out.

  • New Addition

    With this photo I would like to welcome a new addition to my lens lineup, The Sigma 85mm f1.4 EX DG HSM. I’ve wanted an 85mm prime for a long time now and this was my lens of choice.

  • HyperX

    These are my HyperX Cloud ii headphones that I got a little over a week ago now. I had a pair of PDP Afterglow headphones that I thought sounded pretty decent, once I used these I realized I was wrong.

  • Swarovski Love

    This  is another image I shot using the Plexiglass and natural light. It had the same setup as my RGB photo except it was shot from a slight higher angle. I got this necklace for my girlfriend a while ago as a present (maybe birthday, I get her quite a lot of presents) so my 100L brings out some not so wanted details from the past few years.