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  • Spring Valley Bokeh

    Some great window light illuminating my half empty juice with some beautiful bokeh in the background!

  • My Precious

    This is my wallet which is the greatest wallet I’ve ever owned. The quality of it is amazing and even though it’s one year old now, it still looks like new.

  • Ribs & Burgers

    This is the beef ribs from Ribs & Burgers in Perth’s CBD. They are seriously amazing (my friend had the Baby Back Ribs which tasted even better than mine) and definitely worth trying if you like this kind of food. It was VERY dark where we decided to sit so I had to bump my ISO quite high for this. I did use a little noise reduction in LR which managed…

  • Ivan

    This is my friend Ivan who’ve I’ve known for around 7 years now. He’s going away for a month long trip around the United States so we decided to have a quick catch up before he leaves.

  • Missing Pieces

    Just a chessboard with pieces missing. Considering the area, I’m not surprised they are missing 😛

  • Tokyo Street

    This is Tokyo Street which has a bunch of Japanese shops in the top of Pavilion. I got a really nice backpack from here and wish we had something like this in Perth! Here’s a few more images from around there.

  • Searching

    This is a silhouette portrait of myself I took the other night when out shooting with a friend. I actually didn’t plan this as a silhouette but when I tried it as one, it seemed to suit it well. While I do love the 100L and it is a great all rounder, my heart still yearns for a dedicated portrait lens like the Sigma 85mm f1.4. I keep hesitating to…

  • Week 51 – The Home Stretch

    This is one of those rare times that I actually use my 100L for macro work. This is also my second last post in my 52 Week Project and although I’m happy for it to end, I’m already planning how to challenge myself next year by possible attempting it again.

  • Week 50 – Leave A Light On

    Just a few more weeks to go then my 52 week project will be complete. This is an image I’ve wanted to take for a month but have’t had the time. I had used this same lantern in an image I took a long time ago. I thought it would be fun to take this so I could see how much I’ve improved over the years and I am much…

  • Seventh Heaven

    While in KL my dessert of choice was Haagen-Daz which sadly isn’t available in Perth. This was one of their specials called ‘Seventh Heaven’ which had 7 scoops. I’ve been back in Perth a week now so looking at this image makes me wish I could eat it again!