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  • Botanical Gardens

    Just some flowers from the Sydney botanical gardens.

  • Chippendale Green

    A sunset shot of Chippendale Green. My exams are officially done after today so I can hopefully get back to posting here more.

  • Dan Cactus

    This is a present my girlfriends sisters got me a while ago. It was called a “Dan Cactus” and since my name is Dan, it seemed fitting for me to have this one 😀

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

    So with the M5 being my second body, I thought it would be good to get something cheap to use when I want something with a bit longer focal length. I didn’t particularly like the 50mm f1.8 II due to its cheap build but from what I had seen, the new STM version was quite…

  • Take Me To The Beach

      Here are some images from my outting at Cottesloe Beach a little over a week ago. 

  • Weekend Walk In Hyde Park

    While my girlfriend went to an appointment, I decided to go for a short walk around Hyde Park. Carrying the M3 with the Canon 17-40mm f4L wasn’t too troublesome since the body weighs next to nothing.

  • In A Mirrorless Kind Of Mood

    The M3 doesn’t seem to be very popular on most sites I frequent, but it has managed to win over my heart. I got it quite a while ago as a travel/family camera for my girlfriend and I had so much fun using it in Hong Kong, I decided to get the EF Mount adapter…

  • Sunset Flies

    As I was walking around to kill some time, I took these two shots. The top image is just a simple plant that looked nice with back lighting from the sunset. The second image is of these tiny flies that were flying around which looked great with the back lighting from the sunset.

  • Bokeh For Days

    This image isn’t really well thought out composition wise, I just thought I would upload it due to that beautiful dreamy bokeh. I was just testing the lens when taking this shot which is why it wasn’t very well thought out.

  • Dim Sum

    This is Dim Sum who is a very cute pug that belongs to the groom. I have loved pugs ever since I went to Hong Kong 3 years ago. There was a pug puppy there that kept coming up to the glass and sniffing/scratching at me which made me fall in love with it.