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  • Tatsu The Dragon

    This is Tatsu The Dragon! I had wanted him for ages and often went into Swarovski to visit him so I finally got him as a Christmas present from my girlfriend and her family.

  • 3D Pop Up Cards

    Here are some cards I got from the markets in Hong Kong. As soon as I seen them I knew I wanted them since I love creative stuff like this. I shot these using natural window light from the right and had a large silver reflector on the left as a bit of fill light. Most of the shots were also focus stacked as the DOF was too shallow on…

  • Tiny Totoro

    I got this little Totoro plush when I was in Hong Kong. He may not have even eyes or be the prettiest plushy you’ve ever seen, but he’s pretty to me so that’s what counts ūüėõ

  • Tiffany Twist Earings

    These were an anniversary present I got my girlfriend a few months ago. Luckily she has hardly worm them so they still look brand new for the photos. I have the earnings laying on some black plexiglass which is great for giving a clear reflection.

  • Huawei P9

    This is the Huawei P9 which has some pretty unique features when it comes to mobile cameras. For this image, I used aluminum foil in the background to get the great bokeh that you see. If you would like to see a better example and setup for this technique, check this tutorial on PetaPixel.

  • Xbox One Covert Forces Controller

    This is the Xbox One Covert Forces Controller. I got it for playing on PC as my old corded Windows Xbox controller is on its last legs. It definitely feels much nicer than the Xbox 360 controller and I also got a Window 10 wireless adapter.

  • HyperX

    These are my HyperX Cloud ii headphones that I got a little over a week ago now. I had a pair of PDP Afterglow headphones that I thought sounded pretty decent, once I used these I realized I was wrong.

  • Swarovski Love

    This  is another image I shot using the Plexiglass and natural light. It had the same setup as my RGB photo except it was shot from a slight higher angle. I got this necklace for my girlfriend a while ago as a present (maybe birthday, I get her quite a lot of presents) so my 100L brings out some not so wanted details from the past few years.

  • RGB

    I had this shot in mind for a few weeks now. Sadly I never got around to taking it due to the fact every time I would buy the lollies to make them, I would eat them all before I got the chance to take the shot. This was taken completely with natural light (the image I’ll be uploading tomorrow had the exact same setup). I was using some black…

  • Week 52 – The End!!!

    I am happy to say this is my last post for the 52 week project! When starting, I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with it the project and I’m glad I did. These are some shoes my girlfriend got me for Christmas which I really love. I was tempted to do another outdoor shot like my other Nike’s but decided to go for a nice…