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  • What I Miss

    What I Miss

    Since moving to Sydney if someone asks me if I miss Perth, I tell them there’s only 3 things I really miss. Those are my favorite dessert drink from Dome, my favorite restaurant and most important of all, my cat. I was really sad to leave him behind but being that he’s now 12 years… Read more

  • Pokemon Moon

    Pokemon Moon

    Now that I’ve finished playing Mass Effect Andromeda and almost done with Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s time to start on Pokemon Moon. For past titles in the series, I dropped everything I was doing and started playing them straight away. Due to my short hiatus from playing games at the end of last year and… Read more

  • Time To Pay

    Time To Pay

    A girl heading up to the front to pay for her meal. Read more

  • Six Years

    Six Years

    I’m am very lucky to have celebrated six year with this amazing person last weekend. Read more

  • Vivid Sydney

    Vivid Sydney

    Read more

  • That Moment

    That Moment

    I decided to go check out Vivid Sydney last weekend and this is probably my favorite image. This couple gave each other a hug just as I took the photo and it made for a really great candid image. Read more

  • Central Park

    Central Park

    This is a long exposure of the Central Park in Chippendale. Read more

  • George Street Guitarist

    George Street Guitarist

    I had to wait a while for everyone to get out of my way so I could capture this shot. Although it’s not your typical street lens, I really like using the 85mm for that exact purpose. Read more

  • Corsair Strafe RGB

    Corsair Strafe RGB

    The Corsair Strafe RGB is my first mechanical keyboard and it has really impressed me. I love the sound and feel of the Cherry Red switches and the colors on the backlighting are bright and vibrant. Read more

  • Hello Sydney

    Hello Sydney

    After MANY years of waiting, I have finally made the move to Sydney. I got here just over 2 weeks ago now and have really been enjoying the new environment. Read more