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  • Rushing By

    Last week I went down to Circular Quay to do some long exposures. I told myself that no matter what the weather, I would drag myself out. My luck turned out to be great and I got some great clouds for sunset. The featured image up top was a 76 second exposure and I used my Haida ND filter. I actually did one exposure for the sky then another for…

  • Circular Quay Long Exposure

    Here is a long exposure done during sunset at Circular Quay. This was taken at the same spot I shot in a few weeks ago, on the freeway footpath. It was also my first time meeting Tony in person.

  • Barangaroo Sunrise

    Sunrise shoots are something I’ve rarely done over the past 7 years. 3 times I had made the effort to wake up early and head out to capture the different light. This past weekend was the fourth time and I have to say, it was really enjoyable. Being that I like many post photos online to social media sites, I have made many friends online over the years. One of…

  • Fika By Cuppa Flower

    This is a local restaurant called Fika by Cuppa Flower. Many people who live here in Sydney would be familiar with these restaurants as they are very popular and serve great food. If you are in Sydney, definitely check them out as the food is great!

  • What Season Is It?

    The weather here in Sydney has been a bit crazy. Some people may even be asking, what season is it? This will be my second summer here in Sydney and I am loving this cold rainy weather. Back in Perth the summers were always dry and really hot. I find it funny that there seems to be more rain in summer here than there is in winter. This photo was…

  • Australian Hotel

    While walking home I took this shoot to see how much of the Central Park buildings I could fit in. As there was nothing exciting happening with the colors in the sky, I decided a black and white edit was appropriate.

  • Lightning Storm

    The lightning storm last Friday was a good opportunity to try photographing lightning. This marks my first attempt and I managed to get a shot I was happy with before the rain got too heavy. Considering that I love stormy weather, hopefully we have more weather like this soon so I can give it another try.

  • Vivid 2018

    I am happy to say I finished my exams today and can finally get back to uploading. I will make sure to have my Sony A7III impressions out in the next week. In the mean time, here’s a few shots from Vivid Sydney!

  • Singapore Memories

    So I am currently sick with bronchitis and have a few assignments due. Being that I don’t have the time or energy to do seperate posts, here are all the remaining images from my Singapore trip.

  • Barangaroo

    Here is my very first long exposure with the Sony A7III. I had wanted to shoot from this viewpoint for several weeks now and I’m glad I did as it gave me the opportunity to test out what the A7III can do.