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  • My Favorite Animal [27/52]

    My Favorite Animal [27/52]

    This is a post I was hesitant to make. If you do read each of my 52 Week Project posts, you’ll notice I’m behind by two weeks I believe. I’ve been having some eye issues which has prevented me from both shooting and editing. This eye condition can last up to 4 months and my… Read more

  • What I Miss

    What I Miss

    Since moving to Sydney if someone asks me if I miss Perth, I tell them there’s only 3 things I really miss. Those are my favorite dessert drink from Dome, my favorite restaurant and most important of all, my cat. I was really sad to leave him behind but being that he’s now 12 years… Read more

  • Cat Cafe

    Cat Cafe

    A few weeks ago I visited the Cat Cafe in Subiaco which was quite fun. The cats are a lot more playing than mine which was fun too see. Read more